Top 7 Things to do in Tokyo During the Summer

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A creek on the island of Shikine-hima, south of Tokyo

A creek on the island of Shikine-hima, south of Tokyo

 Bon-odori dances bring crowds to Tokyo in August

Bon-odori dances bring crowds to Tokyo in August

View point from the island of Nii-jima, off Tokyo

View point from the island of Nii-jima, off Tokyo

The boat Noryosen offers cruises on the Bay of Tokyo

The boat Noryosen offers cruises off the Bay of Tokyo

Crushed ice kakigori, a refreshing treat in the summer!

Kakigori, a refreshing treat in the summer made with crushed ice and syrup!

The traditional fishing with Sudate in Tokyo.

The traditional fishing with Sudate in Tokyo.

The beer gardens in Tokyo.

The beer gardens in Tokyo.

Cool Tokyo!

In Tokyo this summer? Here are our top seven activities in Tokyo to make the most of the summer season. All picked by our Travel Angel, Laetitia, who has been there for almost ten years.

Festivals, traditional dances, aperitifs or cruises: Tokyo has so much to offer the summer ... Here is our selection:

  • Dancing in a good odori

The Japanese festival celebrated in homage to the deceased from 13 to 15 August, Obon , gives rise to traditional dances called bon-odori throughout Japan . In several parks in Tokyo, in the evening, you can also join in among the Japanese in yukata . You can choose between Hibiya Park (a stone's throw from the Imperial Palace) or in front of the Ebisu and Meguro train stations. If you do not know how to dance, rest assured, just imitate the others and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the Japanese drums!

  • A cruise on the archipelago of Izu

Only a few hours by boat off Tokyo, discover the archipelago of Izu. These volcanic islands erode from north to south between the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea. Embark from the port of Hamamatsucho (district of Minato-ku, Kaigan, 1-chome-3) it takes three hours by a fast boat (or eight hours of slow boat). Enjoy the sea and paradisiacal landscapes ... Among these islands, do not miss Nii-jima and Shikine-jima, close enough to Tokyo. If you want to extend your cruise to the open sea, go to the island of Hachijo-jima and the archipelago of Ogasawara.

  • A yukata evening on a steamer

From 30 June to 9 October, evenings are organized on a cruise liner called Noryosen. The peculiarity: everyone is dressed in yukata , the Japanese summer party dress! Embark in the early evening and party among some 1,500 passengers, contemplating Tokyo by night . The boat anchored at 19:15 and crossed the bay of Tokyo in just under two hours. You pass under the Rainbow Bridge and enjoy night views of the Tokyo Tower , Odaiba, Tokyo's industrial port, Haneda airport and the Tokyo Gate Bridge, before returning to the pier. The evening comes to an end at 9pm when you disembarkation. Price: 2,600 yen (21 €).

  • Eating kakigōri in Yanaka

This treat is made up of crushed ice and flavored syrups are the stars of summer in Japan! The kakigōri even have their specialized shops. The restaurant Himitsudo is one of them. Opened only a few years ago, Himitsudo offers more than 100 different flavors! Arm yourself with patience, however, the address is very popular with the Tokyoites in the summer. But it's worth the wait and offers an opportunity to walk around the old neighborhood of Yanaka .

Restaurant Himitsudô, 3-11-18 Yanaka, Taito-ku district. Access: stations of Sendagi (line Chiyoda) or Nippori (line Yamanote). Open from 11am to 8pm; closed on Mondays.

  • Traditional fishing in Chiba

Eager for a truly original experience? Go to Kisarazu, on the other side of Tokyo Bay. There you can try to catch fish using simple nets . A traditional fishing technique called Sudate in Japanese. Made at the time of the low tide, it allows to catch the fish entered the bay at high tide and trapped by the reflux. Fishing finished, you only have to cook your catch and eat! 

Address: Nakajima 2050, City of Kisarazu, Prefecture of Chiba . From Tokyo Station, take the Aqualine bus to the Kisarazu - Kaneda terminus (40 min). Group rates for 30 people, meals included: 170,000 yen (1,350 €).

  • An aperitif in a beer garden

After the Golden Week (early May), bars, department stores and hotels in Tokyo open their roofs and terraces to beer gardens. The perfect place to spend an early evening sipping a pint or a cocktail. You can find these beer gardens at Ueno Park, Hibiya Park, the Meiji Shrine gardens and the Futako-Tamagawa Rise shopping center.

  • Enjoy the beaches of Kamakura

Just one hour by train from Tokyo, the ancient capital is a popular destination for its beaches in the summer. 

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