Kurashiki 倉敷

Kurashiki, the Venice of Japan

A preserved old merchant town, pretty Kurashiki's historic warehouses, have been converted into museums, boutiques and restaurants. This beautiful historic district with its canals and museums make it an attractive town, easy to visit from Okayama.



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Kurashiki, the city of museums

The city has many museums installed in the beautiful buildings of the Bikan district. The Ohara Museum, which you will quickly recognize with its architecture in the style of a Greek temple, is a must, being the oldest museum of European art in Japan.

Its collections includes works by the great European masters (Rodin, Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse ...) but also has an Asian art gallery, as well as an annex for modern and contemporary Japanese works.

Kurashiki Toy Museum

Kurashiki Toy Museum

Okayama japan


Ohara Art Museum


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