Uno Port 宇野港

  • Published on : 23/05/2019
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Vous avez dit Uno ?

Pour relier les îles artistiques de Naoshima et ses soeurs, le port d’Uno est la première étape. Vous y serez immédiatement plongé dans le bain de l’art. Ici aussi la Triennale du Setouchi a changé beaucoup de choses.

There is also a huge fish, called Chinu - the black sea bream of Uno, composed entirely of waste washed up by the waves and picked up in the area in 2010 by the artist collective Yodogawa Technique.

Atsushi Ozawa is an artist who works with iron, and his work "Memory of ship's hull" is on display, an anchor of the Japanese Imperial Navy (1872-1947) reconstituted by recovering abandoned materials in Tamano. In 2016, he recovered all the abandoned bicycles in Tamano he could find, then heated, hammered, and welded the metal to create new bicycles. These unique bicycles can now be rented by tourists to explore the town.

Chinu-the Black Sea Bream of Uno, by Yodogawa Technique

Uno Port seen from a ferry

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