Getting around during the Setouchi Triennial 瀬戸内トリエンナーレ中に移動する

  • Published on : 29/05/2019
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La Triennale de Setouchi

The Setouchi Triennial

Tips for getting around the Seto Inland Sea

On the occasion of the major contemporary art event, the Setouchi Triennale, visitors and art enthusiasts will have to sail between the different islands of the Seto Inland Sea to visit the works. To get to the various exhibition sites, you will have to take a boat to cross the channel. Fortunately, the public transportation network between the islands is well developed and reinforced during the Triennale. A little guide to make your life easier!

Grand pont seto

The Great Seto Bridge

Wikimedia Commons

Rates and tips


Ferry prices vary depending on the distance, between 240 and 2,000 yen (between $2.25-22/1.75-18€) per trip. The ferries operate all day, generally, between 7 am and 8 pm (depending on the lines) with a frequency of 1 to 2 hours, thanks to the reinforcement put in place for the Setouchi Triennale.

There is also a 3-day Ferry Pass which allows unlimited use of the ferries connecting the 5 islands of Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogijima, and Shodoshima. It is sold at 2,500 yen for adults (around $24/9€) and 1,250 yen for children (around $13/11€) and is valid for 3 consecutive days.

Ferry Setouchi

A ferry in Takamatsu Bay

Wikimedia Commons


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