Megijima Island 女木島

An island of Japanese folklore

Located not far from the coast of the city of Takamatsu, within the Seto Inland Sea, the island of Megijima cultivates legendary folklore. Often presented as Ogre Island, or "Onigashima", it is also one of the host islands for the Setouchi Triennial.

Onigashima or not?

Megijima is first and foremost known for the link that is made in Japanese folklore with the famous "island of ogres", Onigashima, visited by the mythical Momotaro.

The latter is the hero of a Japanese tale. Out of a catch and picked up by an old woman on the banks of a river, he claimed to be sent by the gods. Lazy, but endowed with prodigious strength, he was sent by a lord to defeat the ogres of Onigashima, which he did, with the help of his companions, a monkey, a pheasant, and a dog.

Entrance to the Ogre Cave


The seaside island

Megijima is also an extremely popular tourist spot, especially in summer, for its beaches available not even 4 kilometers from the city of Takamatsu.

Hiking is another activity enjoyed by visitors, the island is crisscrossed by narrow paths and small lanes that cut through the abundant nature and traditional villages of the island.


Megijima Island

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The Setouchi Triennial

The Setouchi Triennial is a contemporary art festival held every three years among islands in the Seto Inland Sea (or Setouchi Sea), which aims to revitalize the region not only by attracting tourists but also by promoting local traditional culture.

For the 2019 triennale, three festivals are planned with 177 artists exhibiting 756 works. Megijima has been one of the host sites for this great event since the beginning, with numerous exhibitions of works during each edition. This year, around twenty exhibition venues, are planned on the island. And the crowd should be there!

Maison d'artiste à Naoshima

Artist's house in Naoshima

Jerome Laborde

Address, timetable & access

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    Take the ferry from Takamatsu port (departs 2 hours) to Megijima port. Journey of about 20 min and cost 370 yen.

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