Omicho market   近江町市場

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Omicho market

Put some fish market Omicho.

Omicho market

Stand a fishmonger market Omicho.

Isn't my fish fresh?

Every morning, Kanazawa Harbour rumbles with the sound of boat engines that are carrying the fruit of their fishing. A few hours later, the stalls of Omicho market overflow with freshly landed victuals!

These few covered streets offer a surprising show of colors and shapes: glistening fish, all sorts of crustaceans and other marine oddities await the curious on the stalls and stores that line the pedestrian streets.

Although marine resources are the main asset of this market, following the example of regional specialties including dried fish and shellfish, you will also find local vegetables and clothing. The general chaos contributes to the quaint atmosphere, as well as the rudimentary facilities: fish thrown on the displays, strange and unfamiliar smells, gruff sellers who mutter away, the scene is perfect. You can soon find the ambiance of the Edo period in this market, which is three centuries old. Two hundred stalls delight the eyes, but may make some unaccustomed noses frown.

Although the market takes place all day, we suggest you get there preferably in the morning or at lunchtime: many of the stores close early.

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