Daishi Kyokai   大師教会

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Administrative center Daishi Kyokai

Recitation of prayers to the administrative center Daishi Kyokai.

Administrative center Daishi Kyokai

Calligraphy workshop administrative center Daishi Kyokai.

Crossroads of wisdom

Long after the death of its founder, Kukai, known in Japan as the Kobo Daishi (774-835), the Shingon sect decided to organize itself to protect its valuable teachings and better disseminate them. Then in 1924 they built this administrative center for the promotion of Buddhist practice specific to this movement.

Through numerous workshops, the initiated and the curious who at least speak Japanese, can approach this particular universe, which the Koyasan monks live in. Opposite Reihokan Museum, the Daishi Kyokai consists of a modern building that hosts conferences and events, and a temple, the Henjoden, where visitors can discover ritual ceremonies.

Day to day life of the monks

Among them, and only for the Japanese-speakers, Jukai consists of chanting sutras of repentance, after a monk, in a semi-darkened room. Afterwards, a certificate of participation is given to attendees.

Another, only slightly religious activity, calligraphy of sutras (shakyo) under the supervision of a master, makes it possible to dedicate a personal prayer to Okunoin, in exchange for a contribution. Kobo Daishi known as "the monk with five brushes" was himself a master of this art.

Just to have a look, or to get into the serene state of mind that is ideal to visit Koyasan, Daishi Kyokai welcomes anyone visiting the city, particularly thanks to its information center with English-speaking staff.

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