The Gorge of Gokase   高千穂峡

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Volcanic rock

Here you can admire the basalt columns that make up the walls of the gorge, created by lava flows of Aso volcano.

This is one of the most popular outdoor attractions of Takachiho. The gorge plunges down into the river Gokase, a reminder that the places from Japanese myths are not so far from the area of Aso: the strange formations that mark the terrain are made of basalt, and were created by ancient lava flows from the largest volcano in the center of Kyushu.

Some visitors walk along the kilometer-long path overlooking the gorge that offers beautiful views; others rent boats and gently drift along the river itself, observing the basalt columns that are the hallmarks of the gorge. The route ends at Manai waterfall (Manainotaki), 17 meters high and the preferred place to admire the cherry blossoms and azaleas in spring and vibrant autumn leaves in the fall.

Don't miss the illuminations of the gorges in summer (until 10pm).

The return path overlooks downtown Takachiho, and ends at Takachiho-jinja shrine.

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