Katsura Villa   桂離宮

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Katsura Villa

Pond View from the villa Katsura.

Katsura Villa

Traditional rooms of the villa Katsura.

Katsura Villa

Katsura villa garden.

An aesthetic gem

A discreet and elusive beauty, harmony between pavilions and compositions master gardeners characterize this architectural masterpiece occupying an important place in Japanese arts.

Want to see 1h what is done best in the art of landscape garden in Japan? By the simplicity of its brilliance, the villa offers the inevitable for architecture enthusiasts.

To the west of Kyoto , a wonder awaits visitors. Located near the banks of the Katsura River, the villa of the same name disconcerting as it expresses the spirit of renunciation. The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was impressed by the modernity of this residence, like Le Corbusier, who found a source of inspiration or German architect Bruno Taut who gave the building a worldwide reputation. To achieve such perfection, Prince Toshihito (1579-1629) undertook the construction with the requirement of an erudite esthete. His son will continue the project. A project which required more than forty years of work and ended in the year 1664. Light and air, decorated with paintings by artists of the Kano school, pavilions erected on stilts blend seamlessly with the garden landscape type including a large pond with an island in the middle. At each step, the poetic allusion takes shape. Sometimes slippery narrow paths, a stone lantern, a shoreline of pebbles, a stage in bamboo, moss here and there, trees and groves involved the spectacle of a grandiose nature masterfully restored.

The counting of a tea house, like the "flag Lunar Wave," the "Tour of the moon on the waves" or "smiling Chaumiere of thoughts," gives this exceptional watch offering views constantly renewed with the seasons and blooms. The austerity and refinement desired by tea masters are reflected in each building.

Patience and Discipline

To enjoy the beautiful gardens of Villa Katsura and architecture, the Honourable visitor must submit to certain restrictions. This enchantment can not live in solitude. We must follow a guided tour, highly supervised. Unable to get away from the group. The guards because we ensure the Emperor. Parents are not allowed to bring their offspring. Once all accepted constraints, detailed plan in English is given with the entry fee. Do not be late or you'll be good for a return to Kyoto without seeing what to see!

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