Harishin   はり新

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Restaurant Harishin

Dining room of the restaurant Harishin.

Restaurant Harishin

Harishin traditional cuisine restaurant.

A feast around the fire

Somewhat rustic, in a 100% Japanese style, this restaurant which is over 130 years old, offers Yudofu (boiled tofu), one of Nara's specialties. It is known for its bento (meal boxes) and wide selection of local produce.

Set in a building dating from the 1800s, Harishin is now run by the 6th generation of owners. Tempura (light battered vegetables or seafood), tofu, sashimi (fish carpaccio), fried shrimp and vegetables as a condiment, all accompanied by homemade plum liqueur...

Here, the regional cuisine is an explosion of flavors and a feast for the taste buds, all in an old-fashioned atmosphere. Three options are available to you at mealtime: a bento that you can  enjoy in the center of the Nara when the weather is good weather, or inside, in an area with low tables, floor cushions or around an irori (a type of Japanese hearth where dishes are cooked, consisting of a square hole in the ground topped with a hook). You therefore have the choice to experience the real atmosphere of the yesteryear Japanese restaurants.

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