Keitakuen Garden   慶沢園

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Garden Keitakuen

Pavilion Keitakuen traditional garden.

Garden Keitakuen

View of the garden pond Keitakuen.

Chinese walk Osaka

The Keitakuen Garden of Tennoji Park offers an invitation to travel. Unknown to tourists, this little green sanctuary is, however, home to one of the most beautiful gardens. Go for a stroll around a pond.

The words are not chosen at random. Walk around a pond or chisen kaiyu-shiki presents a particular style of garden. Of Chinese inspiration, this green hamlet brings together all the classics that create the beauty of these landscapes: a pond, water lilies, century old shrubs trimmed with precision and delicacy, bridges and even a tea house. The Keitakuen calls for contemplation.

Entering this garden, time seems to stand still, just a few steps away from the buildings of the city. There are no worries, the inhabitants, turtles and carp are not likely to disturb the tranquility of your walk.

Located in the large grounds of Tennoji  Park, south of Osaka, the Keitakuen has an ideal location among other cultural and tourist attractions such as the zoo and the City Museum of Art.

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