Hida Takayama Memory Revival Hall   飛騨高山思い出体験館

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Manufacturing Sarubobo Takayama

Manufacturing Sarubobo Takayama.

Hida Takayama Memory Revival hall

Mosaic Workshop at Hida Takayama Memory Revival hall.

Teach a young monkey new tricks

Buying a souvenir during a trip, is completely normal. But making it yourself, is even better!

All the stores in Takayama are overflowing with small, faceless, red dolls dressed in a jacket and a headscarf. These are sarubobo, emblems of the city and the undisputed best-sellers for tourists. If you are tempted by one of these cute creatures, we recommend you create your own at Hida Takayama Memory Revival Hall, where souvenir making workshops are on offer.

The tradition of sarubobo is ancestral in Takayama. Meaning "baby monkey" in the regional dialect, these fun monkeys were created by mothers to protect their children. Their anonymity may seem scary, but it is a symbol of universality: their role as a protector must be indifferently applicable to all children on Earth.

Located just across from the Hida-no-Sato Museum, the Memory Revival Hall offers a wide range of workshops with the sarubobo as the star attraction. With needles, glue and fabric, pretty dolls of all colors are ready to be created in the hands of the participants. It is also possible to make a wind chime, chopsticks, small pottery and even rice crackers (sembei). An original way to make souvenirs with family or friends, these workshops lasting about forty-five minutes are accessible to all, regardless of age or artistic talent. As long as you ready to roll up your sleeves for a session of manual work!

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