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At the heart of the Japanese Alps near Takayama, the Tochio inn receives guests seeking a relaxing break. Prepare your towel, you are entering a hot spring.

Do you feel like having a hot bath? Why not have it outdoors with a mountain view. That is what the Tochio ryokan offers. This Japanese inn known for its family atmosphere is part of the Hot Spring Village of Okuhida. A complex of five sources around which several establishments have settled.

To enjoy comforting moments at the source, you still have to separate from your other half. Indeed unisex baths are very rare. The onsen or hot springs are part of the tradition in Japan. They represent peace and relaxation in a country that always in motion. The baths attract many tourists looking for an invigorating moment. And the advantage is that you do not not need to worry about taking your swimsuit. The shy beware, in these springs nudity is required.

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