The beaches of Tokyo   東京湾のビーチ

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The beach of Odaiba (Tokyo), with stunning views of the Rainbow Bridge.

The beach of Odaiba (Tokyo), with stunning views of the Rainbow Bridge.

Kamakura beach

Sex sails on the beach in Kamakura


View of the port of the island of Enoshima.

Zushi beach

Zushi beach with Mount Fuji in the background.

Shells and seafood

To enjoy the fresh air of the beaches, there's no need to abandon the capital. Tokyo Bay has a lot to offer its visitors...
  • Odaiba

The artificial island of Odaiba is home to many ultra-modern buildings in the bay. But it also has a nice little beach with the Rainbow Bridge in the background.

Although it is not recommended to swim here (the water quality is poor ...), Odaiba beach still allows you to sunbathe on the warm sand.

And not far away, in the district of Toyosu, the artificial beach, Magic Beach, welcomes visitors in a "seaside resort" atmosphere.

  • Kamakura

Yuigahama, Shichirigahama, Inamuragasaki... In the city of Kamakura, just an hour and a half from the capital, several beaches attract Tokyoites who miss building sand castles, surfers looking for good waves and fans of fireworks.

And if the heat becomes too oppressive on the sand (often scorching, be careful going barefoot), it is still possible to go to meet the great bronze Buddha  or that of Hase Dera Temple, both near Yuigahama Beach.

  • Enoshima

Not far from Kamakura, the small island of Enoshima - 4km in circumference - offers a good number of attractions to its visitors: spa, shrines, gardens, aquarium ... But when the sunny weather arrives, visitors rush here for its beaches.

Enoshima is a favorite escapade for residents of the capital. Connected by a 600-meter long bridge to Honshu Island, it is easily and quickly accessible from Kamakura via the Enoden Line. Local specialties (seafood of all kinds) are served while you listen to the latest J-pop hits.

  • Zushi

Ideally positioned in the vicinity of Yokohama and Tokyo, the town of Zushi is primarily a dormitory town... But it is also a well-known and reputed seaside resort in the region. Here, bathers swim and share the water with windsurfing enthusiasts and sea kayaks.

  • Kujukurihama

60 kilometers long, Kujukurihama is the second largest beach in Japan.

This long regular coast - rare on the archipelago - allows a wide variety of activities. From swimming to surfing, as well as fishing. It extends, in Chiba Prefecture, from Kujukuri to Chosei.

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