JR Nara Station 奈良駅

  • Published on : 17/10/2015
  • by : Japan Experience

JR Nara Station: read a guide to JR Nara Station a main point of access by train and bus to Nara from Osaka and Kyoto.

Around JR Nara Station

As previously mentioned the Vierra department store is an excellent place to pick up a range of Nara-themed products and get something to eat. There are a number of good restaurants here (udon, an izakaya, MOS Burger) as well as a MaxValue supermarket if you want to pick up a picnic.

At the East Exit is the grand building of the Nara City Tourist Information Center whereas at the West Exit is the Silkia Nara event hall and the Nara Centennial Hall 100, a multi-use space incorporating two auditoriums that can be used for concerts, plays and events, a gallery and restaurant.

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