Hiji guide - Discover the hidden gems of this charming town in Oita Prefecture

  • Published on : 21/05/2024
  • by : Japan Experience

If you're looking to explore the lesser-known parts of Japan, the small town of Hiji in Oita Prefecture is a hidden gem worthy of your attention. Often overlooked by tourists traveling between Kitsuki and Beppu, Hiji offers a diverse array of interesting attractions for those willing to take the time to discover its charms. From a garden designed by the famous painter Sesshu Toyo to the largest cycad tree in Japan, castle ruins, and a delightful Sanrio theme park, Hiji has something to captivate every type of traveler.

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Nestled in the mountains of northern Kyushu, Hita is a charming city often called the "Kyoto of Kyushu" due to its historic streets modeled after the ancient capital.


The city of Oita is located northeast of Kyushu Island in Beppu Bay. Despite being the capital of the prefecture of the same name, it's much less known than the neighboring city of Beppu.


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In Oita Prefecture, the small town of Kitsuki is worth a detour if you are passing through the region, especially to see Beppu.