Where to see cherry blossoms in Tohoku? 東北の桜

Where are the best places to see cherry blossoms in northern Japan?

When the cherry trees of Tokyo are about to blossom, it is then that the Tohoku region awakens, from Sendai to Aomori, the progression of "sakura" moves slowly from the beginning of April to mid-May. Here are the most famous spots for the admires of these pretty little pink flowers.

2. Kakunodate (Akita)

The city of Kakunodate was influenced by the culture of Kyoto, which is why, as in the former imperial capital, you can admire large cherry blossom trees with long hanging branches (shidare zakura) in May.

The story goes that 3 trees were brought from Kyoto by the future wife of a samurai at her wedding, to plant them in her garden and thus remember her hometown.

Along the Hinokinaigawa River, a long tunnel of Somei Yoshino cherry trees stretches over 2 kilometers. They were planted in 1934 to celebrate the birth of Emperor Emeritus Akihito.

At the beginning of May, under the branches of cherry trees with pink flowers, the banks of the river come alive to total wonder.

Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate

Kakunodate Weeping Cherry Trees

Jerome Laborde

Sakura tunnel

The Sakura Tunnel by the River

Kakunodate Tourist Office