The Miura Peninsula, seaside coast near Tokyo 三浦半島の観光スポット

Miura: a charming peninsula and beach near Tokyo

Only about an hour by train from Tokyo, the Miura Peninsula, little known to visitors, is a rustic region bordered by rugged coastlines and spectacular views of Mount Fuji.

The West Coast of the Miura Peninsula


Going up the west coast from the far south, you can visit other sites of great beauty. Moroiso Bay, for example, is famous for its magnificent views of Mount Fuji, especially at sunset (the best season is winter when the sky is clear and the air is dry).

Underwater life enthusiasts will stop at Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park to admire dolphins, giant sharks, and other sea animals, while those who prefer to swim can enjoy the small coves nearby.

Morito kaigan, Hayama

Morito kaigan, Hayama

Yzuypc, Wikimedia

Zushi beach

Zushi Beach with Mount Fuji in the background.


The southern tip of the Miura Peninsula


The terminus of the Keikyu Line is located in the small town of Misakiguchi. If you don't have a car, you can take the bus (infrequent routes) or rent bicycles to explore the southern tip of Miura, a very quiet and rural place with beautiful coastal scenery and small fishing ports. Here, it's hard to believe that Tokyo is only an hour away by train, as the atmosphere and landscapes are so different from those of the capital!

Le rocher Umanosedoumon, Jogashima, Miura

Umanosedoumon Rock, Jogashima, Miura

NOBRAND/テスト, Wikimedia

Address, timetable & access

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    The north of the peninsula is easily accessible by train from Tokyo or Yokohama. The JR Shonan-Shinjuku and Yokosuka lines allow you to go directly to Yokosuka (on the east coast) or Zushi (on the west coast). The private Keikyu line, from Shinagawa or Yokohama, also allows you to reach Yokosuka-Chuo station and, further south, Misaki-guchi station.

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