Tosho   豆匠

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Tosho tofu restaurant in Hiroshima

Declination of preparations of tofu at the Tosho restaurant.

Tosho restaurant in Hiroshima

Restaurant entrance Tosho in Hiroshima.

Tosho tofu restaurant in Hiroshima

Preparations of tofu Tosho restaurant.

Tofu and fire

Japanese cuisine never ceases to surprise. Textures improbable, unexpected tastes, there is always something to amaze our taste buds. The adventurous should definitely go to Tosho restaurant.

This small, charming spot lies at the foot of Hijiyama Park in Hiroshima. The entrance, similar to that of a ryokan, luxurious traditional inns, guide you to decorated gilded screens and inside you can hear the rustle of socks on tatami. Tosho restaurant offers kaiseki-ryôri cuisine. Different from your traditional "course menu," it consists of a wide variety of dishes served in small amounts and whose presentation is extremely neat. This is a very original Japanese cuisine.

Magic ingredient

The specialty here is tofu. While this white paste's enigmatic texture and taste is often too subtle for Western taste buds, you will definitely (re) discover this dish. Tofu is served and eaten in different ways and it is difficult to imagine that so many tastes and dishes can be made with this one ingredient. With soy, fried, in salad, flavored, boiled in milk skin ... the list is endless.


In a gentle atmosphere, several types of menus are available, each consisting of a series of small, delicately decorated dishes. The food here is a delight for the eyes as well as the stomach. Enjoy the subtle flavors and enjoy the view of the elegant garden surrounding the building and its pond carp. Fear not the amount of food: Although the dishes are not gargantuan, the courses are such that even the most insatiable will find satisfaction.

An unusual discovery of the subtleties of Japanese cuisine and the multiple facets of food often underestimated outside of Asia.

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