Asanogawa Enyûkai   浅の川園遊会

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Festival Asanogawa Enyûkai

Street art near the Asano River.

Art time

For a weekend, the Asano River comes alive and hosts actors and dancers. While the branches are sagging under the weight of the cherry blossoms, men begin to float on water, as light as air.

Although Kanazawa breathes art throughout the year, the city never misses an opportunity to highlight it even more. On the first weekend of April, a stage is built on the banks of the Asano River and artists of all genres come to perform. The geishas of the Higashi district delicately show their talents as dancers and musicians, extracts of Noh scenes are performed, there is traditional dancing... everyone finds their place on the improvised stage. The streets of the geisha district are filled with spectators who have come to watch the traditional dancers parading on the old cobblestones, wearing strange hats property.

A moment of relaxation time to welcome spring and pay tribute to the dance of the cherry blossoms petals.

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