Hakuza   箔座

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Shops Hakuza

Lacquerware with gold leaf

Shops Hakuza

Cutting the gold leaf to Hakuza workshop.

For all the gold in Japan

One ten thousandth of a millimeter thick ... Microscopic thickness which nevertheless illuminates Kanazawa: gold leaf.

The region of the "golden swamp" is aptly named: it provides 99% of the country's production. The quality of its water and its beautiful climate guarantee incommensurate production of gold foil. The Hakuza workshops produce a wide range of these precious gold leaves and create a wide variety craft objects. Three main stores are established in Kanazawa, where you can splash out on these wonders with beautiful reflections. Caution, however, be sure to have plenty of cash the objects are highly priced. From jewelry to luxury tableware, as well as cosmetics and food, they have thought of everything to attract customers.

Each address has its specialty: the main shop, Hakuza Honten, allows you to visit a room for the tea ceremony, which is covered with gold leaf. The Aburatori Hakuza store, which is in the geisha district of Higashi , specializes in cosmetic papers that are the beauty secret of so many Japanese women. Nearby, Hakuza Hikari-zo offers an original experience: to cover your own souvenirs with gold leaf. A pair of chopsticks or a small plate, this workshop allows you to discover applied art.

Each establishment has technical explanations. Sometimes it is even possible to watch craftsmen at work on their masterpieces. A golden opportunity!

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