Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts   石川県立伝統産業工芸館

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Prefectural Museum of Traditional Crafts

Exhibition of lacquer prefectural museum of traditional crafts.

Prefectural Museum of Traditional Crafts.

Showcases prefectural museum of traditional crafts.

36 traditional crafts

Kanazawa, the little Kyoto. Kanazawa, the city of creation. Kanazawa, a city alive with museums.  One with thoughts of seeing regional works must check out the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts.

With a discrete location lost in the green of the famous Kenrokuen, the park of the castle, this museum presents some thirty six regionally representative crafts. In the intimate atmosphere of this museum with dim lighting, contemporary and ancient objects fit together perfectly in their glass cases. Silks, lacquer utensils and decorative gold leaf are just the stars of a much longer list that hides surprising works.

Among them: lanterns, candles, Buddhist altars, fishing flies and fireworks! Both unexpected and surprising, these objects are a feast for the retina with their originality. The small
shop on the ground floor offers an assortment of some items on display, produced by local artisans at relatively affordable prices. This museum is a small pearl reflecting the surprising developments of various Japanese craft techniques.

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