Chibo   千房

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Chibo okonomiyaki restaurant.


Okonomiyaki with shrimp and katsuobushi

Stories of O (konomiyaki)

Chibo embodies the king of okonomiyaki. A typical specialty of Kansai appreciated by many. For novices and enthusiasts, the pancakes are worth the visit.

This restaurant chain founded in Osaka in 1967 is a reference for teppanyaki. In other words, cooking on hot plates. What is the signature dish of Chibo? The okonomiyaki. Pancakes topped with ingredients of your choice, topped with a distinctive sweet sauce and katsuobushi, dried bonito which with the heat seems to come to life before your eyes. A dish enjoyed by locals, but also exports very well. This specialty has made the reputation of the brand, which now has sixty restaurants worldwide.

If okonomiyaki does not tempt you, you can opt for conventional yakisoba or fried noodles, prepared on a hot plate of course. And best of all, teppanyaki a two in one. There is the enjoyment of the food and also pleasure for the eyes with a live demonstration of the chef's dexterity.

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