Disney Store in Shibuya   渋谷のディズニーストア

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You're never too old to be young!

Disney lovers, if you are in Tokyo and want to soak up some of its magic without breaking the bank or spending the day in Disneyland, why not just take a trip to the Disney Store Shibuya?

In Japan, it is well known, that they love anything cute and colorful. The Disney store in Shibuya is no exception! The shop front itself is worth a visit. Imagine a building whose entrance is an imposing castle, with vivid pastel colors; a miniature version of the castle of Tokyo Disneyland!

Go through the door in the shape of Mickey's head, and you find yourself in a circular room where a range of Disney items are available. After 10 minutes, you may think you have seen the whole store. Nay, the store is made up of three levels accessible by a spiral staircase. Be mindful of the crowd going up and down in this small space.

During your peregrination, you will cross many goodies, soft toys and the famous Tsum Tsum, these little cylindrical Disney characters designed to be stacked to form pyramids. Their name comes from the Japanese verb tsumu (積 む) meaning to stack, make piles. Among these articles, some are exclusive, and can not be found outside of Japan.

Only for girls?

The management of Disney Japan, have understood, it is primarily the female population who come to marvel at its famous "kawaiiiii" (extra i's depending on the level of the cuteness), in their stores of Tokyo. The spotlight is on fairy tales and princesses of all kinds. We can regret not being able to find more goodies belonging to the rest of the Disney universe. Perhaps the recent takeovers of Marvel and Star Wars franchises may somewhat change the situation.

Kawaii mania

Crossing the legendary Shibuya scramble is enough of a reason to take a stroll in Shibuya during your stay in Tokyo. So while you are there, why not also visit the Disney Store? Kawaii addicts will be delighted.

Still not convinced? In that case, take the plunge and go to Chiba to dive head first into the dream by visiting Tokyo Disneyland!

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