Nippori Station 日暮里駅

  • Published on : 08/03/2019
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Railway madness and quiet little shops

If you only have to choose one place in the capital where you can see as many trains as possible in the least possible time, it's Nippori that you have to come to! But of course, there are not only railway tracks here, the district is full of discoveries and small authentic shops!

Around Nippori


Let's get out of the station a bit to discover the surprises that the surroundings of Nippori have in store for us.

Towards the west exit, take the road for 200 meters to arrive at a large staircase that descends. Only pedestrians, therefore, this place is famous for offering a wonderful view of the setting sun, quite simply.

During the day, the steps lead to the popular and very retro shopping district of Yanakaginza, 170 meters long for 70 traders.

Some good tips such as the Duzuki butcher's shop and its tasty croquettes, the Fukushima fish shop which offers its oyster skewers, Waguriya sells chestnut specialties (cakes, ice cream), Shippo Donut, 'cat's tail' donuts, and Himitsu Do is the shaved ice specialist with a homemade topping that draws crowds every summer with its natural ice cubes straight from the city of Nikko. Super yum!



Arbre en fleurs à Nippori

Flowering tree in Nippori

Jerome Laborde

Between Nippori and Nishi-Nippori stations, Amezaiku Yoshihara is the sweets and artistic lollipop specialist. Starting from a traditional artisanal recipe, expert hands create sugar jewels in multiple shapes, animals (cat of course!), characters, or flowers that will be difficult for you to bite into. It is possible to participate in a workshop, by reservation.


To the west, all along the tracks and over a vast perimeter, Yanaka reien is a huge cemetery… for walking! Yes, it is customary to come here to admire the cherry blossoms, which are very numerous in a tranquil setting, to say the least.



To the east, towards the exit overlooking the forecourt where the large bronze sculpture of the samurai Ôta Dôkan resides hunting on his land in Nippori, here is the textile district "Nippori Fabric Town". With more than 80 shops selling textiles and haberdashery, from amateurs to professionals, everyone comes here to get good prices. Do not hesitate to come and do good business there too.



Statue équestre de Ôta Dôkan

Equestrian statue of Ôta Dôkan

Jerome Laborde

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    the JR Yamanote, Keihin-Tohoku and Joban lines

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