Sengan-in Garden   仙巌園

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Garden Sengan-en

View of Sakurajima volcano from Sengan-in garden.

Iso-residence garden in Sengan

Iso residence in the garden Sengan-in.

Endless landscape

Japanese perfection and superb view of Sakurajima volcano: discover Sengan-en Garden, Kagoshima's star attraction.

A park of 50 000 m2 where every detail is the expression of Japanese refinement!

Shrubs, rocks, ponds, bridges ... Here, everything is arranged according to the aesthetics of shakkei: The "borrowed landscape", which consists of integrating the garden in its natural environment to give the impression that it has no limits.

The location of Sengan-en, bordering Kinko Bay offers a breathtaking view of Sakurajima, and greatly increases the charm of the garden giving it the depth, which is sought after in shakkei aesthetics.

Formerly called Iso-tei-in, Sengan-en, created in 1658, was originally the residence of the powerful Shimazu, who controlled  the Satsuma area (the feudal name of Kagoshima Prefecture). It is now possible to visit the Iso residence, located in the heart of the park, preserved in   the period style.

Inside the garden, the Shôko Todoke-kan museum - in the walls of the old factory of the city destroyed 1863 - is home to a large collection of objects related to the Shimazu clan's activities and local history. In the nineteenth century it was a surprisingly modern factory, replicating the techniques of western manufacturers, in particular to produce glassware and parts for warships.

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