Ninja-Dera Temple (Myoryuji)   忍者寺 (妙立寺)

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Ninja Dera Temple

Enter the Ninja-dera temple.

Ninja Dera Temple

Door hidden in the temple Ninja Temple.

Deceiving Ninjas!

Located in Kanazawa, Ninja-Dera temple's normal appearance doesn't give the impression of anything ninja-like. But under its ordinary outside hides a castle filled with traps. Careful where you step.

Backdoors, false ceilings, hatches and other hidden items, welcome to Myoryuji temple. At first glance this building does not look like it could have the nickname Ninja-Dera temple.  

Behind any unimposing facade is quite a different reality. With more than twenty-three rooms, many stairs and three floors, this maze was for a large number of samurai to hide easily and protect the lord during his prayers or during military preparations.

The primary purpose of the temple was not pious but tactical. Indeed, there are fantastical traps abound: a door leading to different places according to the way you open it, mysterious ascending and descending stairs, deadly bridge could collapse with the touch of a finger...and still dozens more secrets worthy of adventure films.

This house of traps is said to have secret tunnels leading to Kanazawa Castle. Built by the Maeda family in 1585, the temple belongs to the Seisonkaku villa. It is obvious that the legacy of this clan is still visible in the city.

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