Kyoto National Museum   京都国立博物館

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Kyoto National Museum

Enter the Kyoto National Museum.

Kyoto National Museum

Ceiling of the Kyoto National Museum.

The building of the National Art Museum of Kyoto.

The building of the National Art Museum of Kyoto.

Art and Asia

A gallery devoted to Asian art, the Kyoto National Museum creates a dialogue about works from not only Japan but Korea and China as well.

From an imperial initiative, the museum hides her game. Even if you're worried you'll be tired by yet another museum dedicated to a "indecipherable" art, the Kyoto Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan, its name in the local language, displays an impressive collection of pre-modern art ( before 1800).

Fans of Japan's early empire or curious about the Jomon period (Japanese antiquity) will not be disappointed, as this museum sheds light on what could be the periods of the pre-history of the archipelago. The past can not be separated from relations with its neighboring countries; the Middle Kingdom and the "Country of the Morning Calm" (as China and Korea are known in Japanese) are well represented with works from earlier periods and lesser known parts of their respective histories.

Many famous national treasures as the "Roll of Hungry," dating from the Kamakura period (1185-1333), as well as parts qualified by the government as having "cultural heritage significance", including several wooden models of the Meiji era (1868-1912), reinforce the interest of the museum.

Most of the objects were donations from temples, visiting galleries to better represent the daily monastic life, including the conduct of religious ceremonies. Furthermore, in order to renew and enrich its collections, the museum regularly organizes themed exhibitions in its special hall, including retrospectives of famous painters. It is not inevitable nor as famous as the Tokyo National Museum , but the National Museum of Kyoto offers a breath of fresh air for tourists tired of the outside of religious buildings and curious little secrets they contain.

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