Isaribi   漁火

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Restaurant Isaribi

Grill the Isaribi restaurant.

A new flavour for the barbecue

Japan offers a wide culinary variety especially in terms of cooking methods. In Osaka, Isaribi offers wood-fire barbecues, also called robatayaki.

We have chosen Isaribi for an introduction to this cuisine. In this traditional restaurant, waiters and cooks bring all the symbolism of the place. The chefs work busily in front of the customers seated in a semi-circle around the barbecues. A very convivial layout  as you may not know the person sitting next to you.

You probably already know Teppanyaki, cooking on a hot plate. You know Sukiyaki, meat cooked in a cast iron pan. But do you know robatayaki? This cuisine is one of the oldest in the archipelago. It involves cooking food on a kind wood-fire barbecue. This cuisine, which originates from Kansai, is very present in Osaka where numerous establishments offer robatayaki.

The only downside to this specialty, the smell of barbecue that will follow you around until your next shower.

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