Tokyu Hands   東急ハンズ

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The front of Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku.

The front of Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku.

Tokyu Hands logo on the front of Times Square.

Tokyu Hands logo on the front of Times Square.

Chic DIY

Looking for a toothbrush, a tripod, a backpack or a wig? The famous chain store Tokyu Hands meets all your needs! From the most basic to the most eccentric.

Times Square building is located at the Southern Terrace exit of Shinjuku Station. It offers direct access to the Tokyu Hands store. Eight floors offer a wide variety of quality products.

This chain has become a must, it also has stores in the Ginza, Shibuya and Ikebukuro districts. These stores are easily identified by their green hand-shaped logo. The shelves are full of unexpected objects, that is perhaps why they are always full and delight customers, who can find what they're looking for, every day of the week.

They sell both indispensable everyday items such as cosmetics and drugstore products, cleaning products, decoration and renovation products, as well as essentials for travel, for entertainment, for cooking, to study, to do DIY...

The bonus of these gigantic concept stores? Their Japanese touch! You're looking for a schoolgirl, taxi driver or Sumo costume for a fancy dress party? TryTokyu Hands, the choice is huge! You do not have time to do any souvenir shopping in the Asakusa area? Don't panic! The strength of Tokyu Hands is the multiplicity of choice, which is often out of the ordinary: all you need to prepare sushi, miniature collections of Tokyo buildings, small kawaii (cute) figurines, cat ears and much more.

A place that is definitely worth a look. Beware though, its endless shelves could soon make your head spin!

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