Cup Noodles Museum   カップヌードルミュージアム

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Cup Noodles Museum

Representation of a Cup Noodles museum dedicated to Yokohama.

Cup Noodles Museum

Exposure of different kinds of Cup.

Cup Noodles Museum

Manufacturing custom Cup.

Glory noodle

In Yokohama, the Cup Noodles museum traces the history of the famous brand of instant ramen through design and entertainment.

Here, the instant noodles from the multinational Nissin Food are in the spotlight.

The second of its kind in the city along with the Ramen Museum, the Cup Noodles museum uses modern art over nearly 10 000 m² to tell the story about the origins of a real Japanese passion. Whether it be for its practicality or its low cost, Cup Noodles have many followers.

It was to counter food rationing after the war that the founder of the brand, Momofuku Ando (1910-2007), had the idea of developing a concept of low cost, instant noodles.

In the museum, the idea of ​​an innovative brand is constantly emphasized. As proof, an invention from 2005, making it possible to eat ramen in space: Space Ramen.

Cup noodles from around the world with their packaging, and their unique recipes are also elegantly displayed on white walls.

Learning is fun

To make the visit more attractive, the museum offers visitors several activities based around Cup Noodles.

The most fun one is My Cup Noodles Factory: one floor dedicated to the creation of a recipe and a personal customization of its  "bowl". A fun way to discover the secrets of making these ramen.

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Noodle or Pasta?

Japanese pasta are some of the best you can fin but I am not a fan of these ready and quick industrial pasta. The taste seems really fake and full of strong flavor. But for sure you need to try them once to understand. But don't expect the taste of a real italian pasta like bucatini pasta in the owen.