Aqua Park Shinagawa エプソン アクアパーク品川

  • Published on : 29/11/2019
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Exotic fish at Aqua Park

20 000 lieues sous les mers à Tokyo

En plein cœur de la capitale nippone se trouve l'Aqua Park de Shinagawa, un bel aquarium rénové qui fera le bonheur de petits et grands. Spectacle aquatique, méduses à gogo, poissons tropicaux et bateau pirate : un lieu idéal pour une visite en famille dans le grand bleu.

After enjoying a coffee, the visit continues with the jellyfish walk. All kinds of jellyfish are on display in the darkness, drifting in cylindrical aquariums, with lights and music enhancing the atmosphere.

The bulk of attractions are on the first floor: most importantly the pool (called "the stadium") where the dolphin shows take place. It's advisable to grab a seat early if you can, and to wear a raincoat if you are in the front row!

The pool is surrounded by 360° terraces, and the shows are incredibly high quality, with sound and light displays.

Dolphin show at Aqua Park Shinagawa

A turtle at Aqua Park Shinagawa

The aquatic-themed carousel at Aqua Park Shinagawa

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