Pola Museum of Art   ポーラ美術館

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Pola Museum of Art

On Top of the Pola Museum of Art.

Pola Museum of Art

Aerial view of the Pola Museum of Art.

Picasso and Foujita

Both for its collection and its innovative architecture, the museum is visited with delight.

The unusual Pola Museum of Art has taken up residence in the heart of a thick forest. From the beginning, it was a question of establishing a center of art in harmony with nature. Everything has been designed to combine the natural and artistic aesthetics, respecting the environment.

The building itself was built in the basement to be fully integrated into the landscape, but is flooded with light thanks to a profusion of windows, attests. Inside, the galleries feature pieces by European masters, as well as Japanese and Oriental creations, enhanced by a light measured to the nearest lumen. Nothing has been left to chance and the lighting of the rooms ensures optimal viewing quality while respecting the conservation of the works.

Opened in 2002, the museum displays the collections gathered by the Pola Foundation, of the group of the same name in the cosmetics and real estate sector, which aims to promote the art and culture of the archpelago.

9 500 gems

No time constraints, the Pola art museum Pola collections, which bring together thousands of pieces, include about four hundred works by famous European artists. The young girl in a lace hat by Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) can be seen alongside a Figure mong others by Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) while paintings by Japanese artists take place alongside those that inspirated them.

Regularly, exhibitions are organized to highlight the career of a particular artist or relate a European and a Japanese view point. Whether it be to enjoy the lesser known works by the great figures of art or to learn about Japanese art, the Pola art museum ensures a pleasant visit. At the end of the visit, comfortably seated at the bar of the great hall, the aesthetes can marvel at the centerpiece of the museum, the beautiful and wild Hakone area, which can be admired through the glass roof.

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