The Kanazawa Top Ten   金沢のトップ10

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Snowy Kenrokuen garden, Kanazawa


Cherry in traditional streets of Kanazawa.

Geisha in Kanazawa

Geisha in Kanazawa

Tips from Chris, our local Travel Angel

Landmarks and museums: Chris, our Travel Angel living in Kanazawa, shares his top 10 favorite places to go.

Two hours from Tokyo by shinkansen, Kanazawa is an essential stop during your trip in Japan. Visit most of the city in just two or three days with our top 10 selection:

  • The Nagamachi district, where many samurai families of Kanazawa lived. This district is Ideal for a stroll in the afternoon or evening. Do not miss the Nomura Residence and local craft galleries.
  • The three old Kanazawa tea districts Higashi Chaya, Kazue-machi and Nishi Chaya, where there are houses where geishas reside, galleries and craft shops. These places offer great scenery for photos.
  • The 21st Century Museum, architectural beauty dedicated to contemporary art, now internationally renowned.
  • The Daisetsu Suzuki Museum, a memorial to the Buddhist monk born in Kanazawa who helped to publicize the Zen mindset in the West. Stroll around the grounds and the water garden, also visible from the outside.
  • Omicho market with its countless varieties of fish. Go for lunch to fully appreciate the place! 
  • The Ninja temple and its pitfalls. Very touristy, some might say, but still worth a visit!
  • The Katamachi area, ideal for dinner, drinks, shopping or just walking around.
  • Oyama Shrine, a shrine that offers a relaxing time. There are cafes and shops nearby.
  • Asano and Sai rivers that cross the city, for a walk in all seasons. Enjoy the Asanogawa Enryukai festival under the cherry blossoms on the first weekend of April.

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