Attend a Tea Ceremony at Camellia   カメリア茶道体験

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Enjoy the tea ceremony in an authentic traditional Japanese house.

Calm and Serenity

Ideally located at the foot of the stone steps of Ninen-zaka, which takes you to the famous  Kiyomizu-dera temple, the teahouse Camellia invites passing visitors for a relaxing stop in the serenity of a charming tea ceremony room.

Atsuko Mori, the mistress of ceremonies, welcomes with kindness and courtesy her foreign guests in a perfectly mastered English, away from the atmosphere sometimes excessively austere in the traditional stilted Japanese Tea Houses.

Relax and admire the grace and precision of execution by Atsuko, without excessive formalism she will explain the origin and tradition of Sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, put in place there more than 400 years ago by the great tea master Sen no Rikyū.

An excellent introduction to the Japanese culture full of poetry, that sits beautifully between the visit of the temple Kodaiji and Kiyomizu Temple.

Prior booking by phone or email recommended.

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