Torin-in   東林院

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Garden Torin-in.

The palace of zen

With eyes on alert and the wind in your nostrils, Torin-in is a sensory experience. Its doors open only two days a year, making it a rare treat not to be missed.

Located in the heart of the Buddhist complex Myoshin-in, the temple is famous for its three hundred-year-old shala tree (Shorea robusta). The resin of this tree is used to make incense throughout the Asian continent. On June 15th, a festival celebrates the flowering of this plant amid its intoxicating scent. Matcha, finely ground green tea is also offered on this occasion.

On June 23rd, the monks invite visitors to discover shojin ryori. Literally "food of devotion" this vegetarian cooking is the food of Zen. The selection and presentation of the food is closely connected to the harmony of the colors and the flavors. For ¥5570 yen, a traditional meal is served with matcha. The sweet sounds of the biwa (Japanese lute) round off this aesthetic and gustatory delight.

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