Susaki   洲さき

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Restaurant Susaki

Susaki within the traditional restaurant.

Restaurant Susaki

Susaki restaurant dishes.

The good old days

Some restaurants still preserve the essential traditions of the culinary arts. Susaki thus revives the Muromachi period (1336-1573) by bringing its honzen cuisine up tp date.

Imagine a meal that would take an entire week to prepare. The splendid feasts of medieval Japan laid out dishes of an incredible finesse, combined with a strict etiquette. The composition of the honzen ryori (honzen cuisine), inspired by the tea ceremony, had to be prepared to the nearest millimeter, foods and seasonings were meticulously chosen according to the season and the region, to form the thirty dishes that were required at the time. The ten generations of the Susaki family who have run the restaurant since 1794 continue this tradition, while adapting to the new practices of their time. Today, only eleven dishes make up their menus and it takes just one day to prepare a meal that is still delicious. The premises themselves transport guests to another era, be it with the Karesansui dry garden or the furniture and handcrafted decoration. Elegant and quiet, with the added bonus of impeccable service, Susaki offers a gustatory adventure that very few establishments can still boast of offering today.

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