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Ameyoko, Tokyo

400 meters of open market!

Located between Ueno and Okachimachi railway stations, Ameyoko is Tokyo's largest street food market. With 400 meters of shops spread along the Yamanote line, the street is a real open-air market! Clothes, fashion accessories, fruits and vegetables - you can find everything. But it is especially famous for its food stands, several dozen stalls that reflect the multicultural heritage that the district has forged over the past 70 years.

A multi-cultural heritage

Created after the Second World War to house highly controlled goods on the archipelago, Ameyoko is a real market of pleasures. Sunglasses, lighters, chocolate, sugar, the street that runs along a small part of the railway is famous for its products straight from the United States. A specificity that earned it the name "Ameyoko" or "candy side", the first part of the name also referring to the North American origin of imports.

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Ameyoko - a market for over 70 years!

Very popular, the market has long been perceived as a source of income for local traders. In the 1950s, a whole new type of food appeared even in the street: fish from Tohoku!

Eager to expand their customer base, sellers in northern Japan are selling their products in large quantities on the small market stalls. An initiative that was very successful, since Tohoku products have been an integral part of the streetscape ever since.

Fish from Tohoku at Ameyoko

With Ameyoko evolving in line with migration policies, other traders complete the list of regulars in the neighborhood in the 1970s. Originally from around the world, they give a new face to the market that now extends along both sides of the railway. A more cosmopolitan face than originally, which today makes Ameyoko one of the most popular street food markets in the country.

Flavors from around the world

Famous for its bargains, the market is a must visit not to be missed on a trip to Japan. And for good reason, there's absolutely everything in Ameyoko!

  • Japanese cuisine

Lovers and lovers of Japanese cuisine, it's to Ameyoko you should go. From national specialties such as kaisendon (a bowl of rice topped with fresh fish) to street food usually eaten at matsuri such as takoyaki (octopus balls) or kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) you'll find countless food stalls!

Many offer the possibility to eat in or while standing in front of the stall, and display ultra-competitive prices: just 200 to 500 yen!

Kaisendon at Ameyoko

  • Foreign cuisine

Due to its rich history, the district has welcomed many foreign traders. Kebab, pizza, spring rolls or Korean desserts, many Japanese come to Ameyoko to savor these dishes from other countries. A quirk the neighborhood seems very proud of, since one of the most prominent desserts of the street is a Korean specialty: cheese donuts to dip in a variety of sauces, both savory or sweet!

  • Alcohol

At Ameyoko alcohol is flowing! And whether it's foreign liquor stores or sake shops, there will always be a place at the market to awaken your senses.

Shimura Candy Shop

  • Candies and sweets

True to its name, Ameyoko is also famous for its sweet treats. Some shops even offer to fill Japanese bags of sweets for only 1,000 yen, like the famous Shimura Candy Shop, a shop specializing in the sale of local confectionery for more than 35 years!

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  • Clothes and accessories

Beyond the world of gastronomy, the market is also known to be a temple of fashion for low prices. Clothing, jewelery, accessories, leather goods, you can find them all without much trouble in the streets of Ameyoko, to satisfy any shopaholics. Enjoy it, the market offers discounts throughout the year!

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