Daijoji   大乗寺

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Daijoji Temple

Daijoji temple door in the colors of autumn.

Daijoji Temple

Alley Daijoji temple.

The House of Spirits

The home of Zen in Kanazawa is Daijoji. This temple, a faithful refuge of the Soto sect, gladly welcomes the curious to participate in religious services. Tempted by introspection?

If you want to try out Zen meditation near Kanazawa, please visit Daijoji temple. Buddhist monks welcome you for an introduction to the great hall of meditation. An unforgettable experience in the walls of this building built in 1262 near the summit of Mount Nodayama.

Once through the doors, you discover large adjoining rooms in a residential wing where monks pass through all the time.

This temple, although moved several times during the seventeenth century, has preserved its unique atmosphere as a place of Zen tradition. Although a bit out of the city, Daijoji was made ​​popular by the hospitality of religious followers in a quest for enlightenment through slow meditation.

The best time to visit Daijoji is in the spring. It is possible to enjoy the delicate flowering fruit trees and the surrounding gardens.

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