Hiraishi   ひらいし

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Hiraishi front of restaurant

Hiraishi front of restaurant.

Tempura of Hiraishi restaurant.

Tempura of Hiraishi restaurant.

Like home

The "side door" entrance gives a somewhat bad impression of this tempura restaurant, which is actually very well run, and awarded with a Michelin star.

Inside, the refined decor instantly puts you at ease. Chopsticks, bowls and small cups are arranged to the nearest millimeter. So, tempura. Here, the tasty fritters made ​​with quite a classic batter - flour and egg yolk - melt in your mouth,  with a lightness and delicacy that is only found in the best restaurants that have made ​​tempura their specialty.

From meat to vegetables, all the ingredients are perfectly coated, the fried batter is light and crisp, covering without imprisoning.

So, what's so special about the place? The high price? Certainly. The decor? That too. It's the wine, above all, as Hiraishi carefully stores over two hundred designations, mostly from France. Grape or grain, it is for you to decide.

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