Myogaya   茗荷舎

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Restaurant Myogaya

Myogaya restaurant entrance.

Restaurant Myogaya

Hall Myogaya restaurant.

Kayoko simply treats but surely

In a small street east of the train station, a gently swaying, wooden sign with some Japanese characters and these two words: "Organic Restaurant".

Once you have stepped through the door, a quick glance is enough to embrace the decoration of tiny Myogaya. Run by the affable Kayoko, glasses and hat glued to her head and focused on her notes or orders, this address, which is a cross between restaurant and food store holds a longstanding reputation as the best vegetarian restaurant in the city .

The walls, covered with all kinds of papers, memos and posters, full of good addresses, old recipes and simple stories, are a fun way to pass the time while your food is prepared. The notoriety of Myogaya is largely based on the vegetarian curry with brown rice, but many different dishes served in small quantities are also good. If the restaurant is full, Kayoko also serves everything to take away,  all you have to do is wait with a plum juice, green tea or coffee.

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