The Kitakami Cherry Blossom Festival 北上展勝地さくらまつり

Cherry Blossoms and Koinobori

Head to northern Tohoku, Kitakami, for a festival that combines cherry blossoms and Koinobori, to vie the flying carp and pink petals soaring in the spring air!

cherry blossoms

It is one of the three best places to enjoy sakura in Michinoku (this region of northern Tohoku), along with the other famous spots of Kakunodate and Hirosaki. In Kitakami, you will appreciate the beauty of a huge "tunnel of cherry blossoms" two kilometers long on the banks of the Kitakami River, with the waves swollen by the freshwater coming from the surrounding mountains which, very often, are still snow-capped in this season. Also plan a little wool because the air is quite fresh.

Tunnel de sakura à Kitakami

Sakura tunnel in Kitakami

Jerome Laborde


To make the party even more beautiful, Kitakami sets the time for the children's party with the "Koinobori ". These carp in fabrics flying in the wind, mouths wide open and very colorful, unfold above the Kitakami River, yet very wide. It is, therefore, necessary to have very long cables stretched between the two banks on which about 300 koinobori move. All these carp swimming in the sky are a magnificent sight, almost hypnotizing!

There's also an eel that's all black and longer than its colored pals, which you'll have to find, much like a game, "where's the unagi ?".

Balade en barque sur le fleuve Kitakami

Boat trip on the Kitakami River

Jerome Laborde

Address, timetable & access

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    By shinkansen from Tokyo, 2h30. From Kitakami Station, 15 min by bus, or 10 min on foot to the banks of the Kitakami River.

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