Cafe Lotus   カフェロータス

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Cafe Lotus in Hiroshima

Gourmet coffee at Cafe Lotus Hiroshima.

Bar pad

Tatami floor, DJs and younger customers at the bar in the heart of Hiroshima where you enter barefoot.

Concealed on the fifth floor of a building with many other clubs, Lotus Café is distinguished by its traditional bistro relaxation. After removing your shoes and placing them in lockers, the weary traveler will find a welcoming home. With a Japanese style at-home feeling, the floor is covered with tatami mats on which soft cushions could create the urge for you to build your own nest.

Chic relaxation

Relaxation however is not synonymous with silence. Very popular with young people, Lotus Café hosts DJs who come to play in the evening. From music to fashion, cocktails and good company, all key ingredients for a successful evening and here. Unless you come in the late afternoon for tea time. Then it is the moment for tasty cakes and invigorating hot drinks. A great place to get warm in winter.

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