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Exterior of Miraikan


Here you can experience Japanese technology in all its forms: Robots, Space exploration and a planetarium. Welcome to the future.

Musée international du manga

The international manga museum

The Kyoto International Manga Museum invites you to discover or rediscover, far from Western clichés, an art in its own right in Japanese culture: manga.

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Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts & Culture

Saga Arashiyama Museum of Arts & Culture, a large modern building and garden in Kyoto, is dedicated to the Hyakunin Isshu - a very famous anthology of classical poems.

Musée des costumes

The Kyoto Costume Museum

If you're interested in the history of Japanese costumes and textiles, the Kyoto Costume Museum is a worthwhile visit. Models and dolls dressed in kimonos illustrate history over time.

Sagawa Art Museum

In Moriyama, on the shores of Lake Biwa, Sagawa Art Museum displays works by Japanese artists at the crossroads of East and West, including ceramics and bronze sculptures.

miyako messe

The Miyako Messe exhibition hall

Not far from the Heian Shrine is the very contemporary Miyako Messe complex. It hosts, among other things, a craft museum and a design museum.

Teradaya Inn, Kyoto

Teradaya Inn Fushimi Kyoto

Teradaya Inn: the historic Teradaya Inn in the Fushimi district of kyoto is associated with two historic incidents.

The Anteroom Hotel in Kyoto

Why not make the most of your stay in Kyoto by living side by side with artists of the former imperial capital? With its art gallery and designer rooms, the Anteroom Hotel gives its visitors

Trains from different eras in the Museum

Kyoto Railway Museum

Welcome to the largest railway museum in Japan!

The facade of the Museum of Fine Arts Insho Domoto in Kyoto.

The Insho Domoto Fine Arts Museum

The artist DOMOTO Insho (1891-1975) navigates among styles and media, ever experimenting, never ceasing to capsize conventions...

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Imura Art Museum

Imura Art Museum in Kyoto is a little-visited museum with a collection of European antiques, mainly French glassware and Arita porcelain from Kyushu.

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Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa

The Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa in Kyoto is the former family residence of the Mitsui clan close to Shimagamo Shrine.

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Kyoto University Museum (KUM)

Kyoto University Museum (KUM) is the oldest university museum in Japan and has a valuable, eclectic collection spanning humanities, natural history and engineering.

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Namikawa Cloisonné Museum of Kyoto

The Namikawa Cloisonné Museum in the Okazaki district of Kyoto is the Meiji Period house, studio and garden of the cloisonné master Namikawa Yasuyuki (1845-1927).

Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History

The Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History is housed in a former school and introduces the history of Japanese education from the Edo Period to the present day.

Koryo Museum of Art

The Koryo Museum of Art in northern Kyoto has a large collection of Korean art including ceramics, paintings, screens and furniture.

Japan Kanji Museum

The Japan Kanji Museum & Library in Gion, Kyoto has interactive and fun displays on the history and development of Chinese characters (kanji) in Japan.

The spacious lobby of the Municipal Museum of Kyoto.

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

Originally designed in 1933 to commemorate the coronation of Emperor Hirohito ceremony (1901-1989), this museum offers a permanent collection of two thousand one hundred pieces of art, including m

The Genji Museum

The Genji museum will allow you to enter Japan's Heian period to meet the radiant prince Hikaru Genji.

The Sumptuous Kimonos of Nishijin

Rustling silk and flashes of colors, kimono from the Nishijin Textile Center perpetuate the ancient tradition of Kyoto kimonos.

House Kawai Kanjiro

The house of Kawai Kanjiro

"When you become so absorbed in your work that beauty naturally arises, your work becomes a true work of art"

Kawai Kanjiro in his essay, we do not work alone (1953).

Miho Museum

Near Kyoto, the red pine forest that covers the mountains of Shiga, a classified nature reserve, is home to an unusual museum of East Asian art, lost in sovereign heights.

Kyoto Museum

Museum of Kyoto

"As the smoke of incense, the mere presence of Kyoto exchange something at an altitude of mind, however, that a new noise is established, making visible new harmonics. "

Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum

A gallery devoted to Asian art, the Kyoto National Museum creates a dialogue about works from not only Japan but Korea and China as well.

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Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum

Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum: read a guide to the Kawai Kanjiro Memorial Museum in Kyoto - the preserved home of the famous Japanese potter and artist.

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Gekkeikan Sake Museum

Gekkeikan Sake Museum, Fushimi, Kyoto: read a guide to the historic sake brewing district of Fushimi in south Kyoto.

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Museums in Kyoto

Museums In Kyoto: see a listing of museums in Kyoto including art galleries and private museums.

Insho Domoto Museum

Read an article about Kyoto's Insho Domoto Museum. The Insho Domoto Museum of Fine Arts is located in northwestern Kyoto.

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Sumiya Motenashi Museum

Sumiya Motenashi Museum. Read an article about the Sumiya Motenashi Museum, a former geisha teahouse in the Shimabara district of Kyoto.

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Hosomi Museum

Hosomi Museum: read a guide to the Hosomi Museum in Kyoto. The Hosomi Museum specializes in Japanese art from the Yayoi Period to the Edo Period.

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Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art

Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art formerly Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art: read a guide to the Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art, which has over 2100 permanent exhibits.

National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto: read a guide to the The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.

Kyoto Museum for World Peace

Kyoto Museum for World Peace. Read an article on Ritsumeikan University's Kyoto Museum for World Peace.

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Nishijin Textile Center

Nishijin Textile Center. Read about Kyoto's Nishijin Textile Center, famous for its traditional kimono fabrics.

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Lake Biwa Canal Museum

Kyoto Aqueduct Museum. Read an article on Kyoto Aqueduct Museum known as the Lake Biwa Canal Museum of Kyoto.

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Miho Museum Shiga

Miho Museum. Guide to architect I.M. Pei's Miho Museum in Shiga, Japan - why it's a must-see, what's there and how to get there

National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto

Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto hosts six to seven exhibitions per year for the pleasure of discovering the great names of Japanese or Western art and thematic staging.

The front of the gallery Aoikaze Kyoto.

Aoikaze Gallery

Gallery on Jingu-michi Street leading to Heian-jingu, opened in 2002, Aoikaze has acquired its marks of nobility in the microcosm of art galleries in Kyoto.

Ryukoku Museum

Ryukoku Museum Kyoto Buddhist Art

Ryukoku Museum Kyoto in Kyoto is dedicated to Buddhist art detailing the spread of Buddhist culture from its birthplace in India, through China to Japan.

Matsumoto Sake Brewery Fushimi Kyoto

Matsumoto Sake Brewery in the Fushimi aea of south east Kyoto was founded in 1791, and continues to produce fine sake (nihonshu).

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum Fushimi, Kyoto is located 5-10 minutes on foot from Keihan Railways Chushojima Station or Momoyama Goryu Mae Station.