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Kyoto Museum

Museum of Kyoto

"As the smoke of incense, the mere presence of Kyoto exchange something at an altitude of mind, however, that a new noise is established, making visible new harmonics.

House Kawai Kanjiro

The house of Kawai Kanjiro

"When you become so absorbed in your work that beauty naturally arises, your work becomes a true work of art" Kawai Kanjiro in his essay, we do not work alone (1953).

Kyoto National Museum

Kyoto National Museum

A gallery devoted to Asian art, the Kyoto National Museum creates a dialogue about works from not only Japan but Korea and China as well.

The facade of the Museum of Fine Arts Insho Domoto in Kyoto.

Musée des Beaux-Arts Insho Domoto

L’artiste DÔMOTO Inshô (1891 1975) navigue parmi les styles etsupports, toujours en expérimentation, n’ayant de cesse de faire chavirer lesconventions. Itinéraires.