The Kawaii Monster Cafe

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Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku

The food at Kawaii Monster Cafe is super colorful and cute!

The outside of the cafe is pretty discreet, but inside is a different story!

Enter through the mouth of the monster!

The Mushroom Disco Room at Kawaii Monster Cafe

The Monster Girls at Kawaii Monster Cafe

Halloween decorations at Kawaii Monster Cafe

A cocktail at Bar Experimental

The Monster Girls in action

The monsters of Harajuku

In the 1950s Godzilla, the mutant dinosaur, terrorized the Japanese capital, but there's been a new monster in town since 2015. Welcome to Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, a crazy and colorful coffee shop; the new kawaii experience designed by the master of the genre, Sebastian Masuda.

Welcome to the Kawaii Monster Cafe

The master of kawaii

In Harajuku, a district known for eccentric fashions and new trends, artist and designer Sebastian Masuda created the Kawaii Monster Cafe in collaboration with Diamond Dining, an agency specializing in Tokyo's greatest theme restaurants (Alice in Wonderland Cafe, Vampire Cafe, and more). Masuda is a major figure of kawaii (cute) culture in Japan. In 1995, he opened the first kawaii clothing and accessories boutique in Harajuku, 6% Dokidoki, and produced a video clip of J-Pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The designer sees Harajuku as a monster, who, by feeding on cultures and trends around the world is able to innovate and develop its own style. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is a reflection of this monster; a totally kawaii creature of course!

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Sebastian Masuda

A menu tablet at Kawaii Monster Cafe

Crazy and colorful

As you walk through the door of the cafe, you literally enter the mouth of the monster! He's a character, called Mr. Ten Thousand Chopsticks, or Choppy to his friends. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is a real visual shock! The central space is occupied by a gigantic cake carousel covered with cream and candies that regularly turns into a stage for visitors and Monster Girls to dance on. There are five of these girls, and it's their job to welcome you, dance, take photos with customers and talk with you at the table. With looks that reflect their personalities, Baby, Dolly, Candy, Nasty and Crazy even have their own twitter accounts! 

Accommodating nearly 200 people, the cafe venue is divided into four distinct areas: the Mushroom Disco with oversized plants and psychedelic mushrooms, the Milk Stand where rabbits, sheep and unicorns drink bottles of milk, the Mel-Tea Room, decadently decorated with chocolates and macarons, and finally the Bar Experiment with its moody underwater theme. 

The menu of Kawaii Monster Cafe is an explosion of colors! Ice cream, cakes, drinks and pasta all come in every color of the rainbow.

The Kawaii Monster Cafe at night

A year after its opening, the restaurant decided to offer a different concept for the customers coming in the evening. While aimed at kids and families by day, the Kawaii Monster Cafe caters to a more adult audience in the evening. The site is transformed into a cabaret, and offers KMC Showcase (evenings with DJ and shows). Monster Girls with more risqué outfits perform burlesque or dance shows with a lot of lights and new technologies. At KMC Showcase, you can see a performance by the futuristic troupe "Wrecking Crew Orchestra / El Squad". Those that really want to splash out can even rent a private room with a terrace. The Kawaii Monster Cafe is definitely sexier by night!

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Paying a visit

To access this temple of kawaii, there's an entrance fee of 500 yen (for a 90-minute session) per person, even for children (aged four and up). You are also required to order at least one drink and one of the dishes, bringing you back to the commercial reality of the place, but this helps keep out the curious hoards, only interested in taking photos. And really, it's a small price to pay when the Kawaii Monster Cafe offers such a crazy and totally unique experience. The beautifully presented dishes and the exciting atmosphere is like nothing else! A visit is great fun for friends and families who visit the cafe by day. The night-time entertainment is reserved for those wanting something a bit more adult. 

So, are you ready to visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe... by day, or night?

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