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La courge géante de Yayoi Kusama

Naoshima Island Tour

There are no temples, shrines or medieval castles to visit on this island in the Japanese inland sea (Setouchi), but seven spaces dedicated to contemporary art,  bathed in sunshine.


Take lessons at a calligraphy school

Have you always dreamed of learning calligraphy while traveling in Japan? A school in the town of Marugame offers courses to learn the basics of this delicate art.

Lee Ufan Museum

Lee Ufan, a Korean artist living and teaching in Japan, is the only artist to have a dedicated museum on Naoshima.

Ando Museum

Almost all of the museums on Naoshima were designed by Tadao Ando. It's only right that he be granted a museum of his own!

Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art

The Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (MIMOCA) houses a collection of art by Genichiro Inokuma (1902-1993) in a building designed by Yoshio Taniguchi.

Kagawa Museum

The Kagawa Museum in Takamatsu displays the art and history of Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku.

Iya valley vine bridge

Shikoku Mura Takamatsu

Shikoku Mura in Yashima near Takamatsu is an open-air museum displaying over thirty traditional buildings brought from all over Shikoku and surrounding islands.

View the sculptures of Isamu Noguchi Museum

Isamu Noguchi Museum

The last workshop of the great Noguchi was converted into a museum: a lifetime's work through hundreds of sculptures.