The 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020年東京パラリンピック

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Tokyo accueille les Jeux Paralympiques en 2021

Les Jeux paralympiques doublent depuis plusieurs décennies les jeux olympiques. Ils permettent aux personnes atteintes de différents handicaps de pouvoir concourir dans des catégories qui leur sont propres. Tokyo accueillera ainsi en 2020, devenu 2021, la 16ème édition des Jeux Paralympiques.

Origins in WW2

The idea for the Paralympic Games came about in 1948 with the initiative of neurologist Ludwigg Guttman, who organized the "World Wheelchair and Amputee Games" in Stoke Mandeville (near London).

The games were intended for combatants and paraplegic victims of the Second World War.

The first official Paralympic Games took place right after the Olympics in Rome in 1960. Ever since the Games in Seoul in 1988, they have always been organized in the same city as the one where the Olympic Games take place.

The Games are open to people with a physical disabilities (amputation, paraplegia, quadriplegia), neurological or motor disability, and other major disabilities such as myopathy, visually impaired and blind.


    Epreuve de Basket-ball en fauteuil

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    Tokyo 2020 + 1 edition

    Tokyo is the first city in history to host the Paralympic Games for a second time (the first was in 1964). They will take place 2 weeks after the end of the Summer Olympics,  between Tuesday August 24, 2021 and Sunday September 5 (formerly August 25 to September 6, 2020).

    The logo is a circle printed with an indigo checkered pattern, using a motif called "ichimatsu moyo", a popular design in the Edo period.

    Le Makuhari Messe de Chiba

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