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Borderless World

TeamLab Borderless: reopened and reimagined at Azabudai Hills

Few art collectives have garnered the international recognition and appeal of the TeamLab group, initially founded in 2001 in Tokyo, Japan.

MORI Building Digital Art Museum

MORI Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON TeamLab Borderless

The MORI Building Digital Art Museum is a jewel of TeamLab, a Japanese artistic collective that continues to gain in popularity.


Tokyo Yayoi Kusama Museum

Inaugurated in October 2017 in the Waseda district of the Shinjuku, the Yayoi Kusama Museum celebrates the ever-changing and extraordinary work of the visionary contemporary artist.&n

Aqua Park Shinagawa

Aqua Park Shinagawa is in the heart of the Japanese capital, a beautiful renovated aquarium to delight young and old alike.

Japan Visitor - teamlab_planets-x.jpg

teamLab Planets Tokyo

teamLab Planets Tokyo is a body-immersive museum in the Toyosu district of Tokyo, offering visitors a physical, full five-sensory experience, including water attractions.

Totoro vous accueille à l'entrée du musée Ghibli

Ghibli Museum

Mystifying and enchanting, the author of Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away has created a museum with a diverse style of architecture that is quite unique and lavish.


Eisei Bunko Museum

Open since 1972 in the Bunkyo district, the Eisei Bunko museum presents a famous collection of more than 100,000 works, art objects, and historical documents from the former feudal Hosokawa clan.


Sony Explora Science

Located in the Aqua City shopping complex in Odaiba, the SonyExplora Science is a science museum where young and old discover and experience the fundamental principles of light, sound and image tha


The museums of the major Japanese companies in Tokyo

Tokyo has the particularity of hosting several museums in its city center which belong to some of the largest companies in the country.

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Tokyo Sea Life Park

Located not far from the large Disney Land park in the Japanese capital, the Tokyo Sea Life Park aquarium is one of the largest in the country.

Japan Visitor - earthquakemuseum20196.jpg

Great Kanto Earthquake Museum

The Great Kanto Earthquake Museum in Yokoamicho Park in Ryogoku, Tokyo is dedicated to the victims of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

Watari musée

The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art

The small Watari contemporary art museum will be of interest to all contemporary art enthusiasts passing through Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - kurodamemorial3.jpg

Kuroda Memorial Hall

Kuroda Memorial Hall is part of the Tokyo National Museum and displays the work of the Western-style artist Kuroda Seiki (1866-1924).

Japan Visitor - horyuji20191.jpg

Gallery of Horyuji Treasures

The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures within Tokyo National Museum exhibits over 300 pieces donated to the Imperial Household by Horyuji Temple in Nara.

Japan Visitor - tokyonatmus20187.jpg

Toyokan Tokyo National Museum

The Toyokan (Eastern Antiquities Gallery) is part of Tokyo National Museum in Ueno and holds a superb collection of Asian art from India, China and Korea.

musée fuji

Tokyo's Fuji Museum of Art

Not far from the center of Tokyo, the Fuji Art Museum offers a beautiful journey from Japanese calligraphy to the French impressionists, through an astonishing and immense collection.

Japan Visitor - maritimesciencemuseum_x.jpg

Museum of Maritime Science

The Museum of Maritime Science on the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay is a free-entry facility with a small permanent collection, a ship that can be boarded, and several open air exhibits relating to

Japan Visitor - teamlab_borderless_x.jpg

TeamLab Borderless Odaiba

Mori Building Digital Art Museum Epson TeamLab Borderless is a cutting-edge immersive digital art museum on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, and offers visitors an ever-changing wonder

Ota Memorial Museum à Harajuku

History museums in Tokyo

During your stay in Tokyo, turn to the past for a few hours. Some museums in the capital offer key information for understanding the history of Japan.


The Mitsui Memorial Museum

In Nihonbashi, in the heart of the historic district of the Japanese capital, the Mitsui Memorial Museum houses more than 4,000 Japanese and Asian works and art objects; a prestigious collection bu

Japan Visitor - hanzomonmuseum20191.jpg

Hanzomon Museum

The Hanzomon Museum in Tokyo is a free museum with a superb collection of Buddhist art including Gandharan art and pieces by Unkei.

musée de l'ancien orient

The Museum of the Ancient Orient

Located in the north of the capital, the Museum of the Ancient Orient presents a fine collection of ancient objects from the Near East and Central Asia.

Japan Visitor - nagatacho20193.jpg

Parliamentary Museum (Kensei Kinenkan)

The Parliamentary Museum (Kensei Kinenkan) near the National Diet Building in Tokyo is a free museum explaining the history of Japan's parliament and constitution.


Art Tower Mito

In Mito, in the prefecture of Ibaraki, the cultural complex Art Tower Mito, inaugurated in 1990, has a theater, a concert hall and a contemporary art gallery.

Japan Visitor - kaigakan-2.jpg

Kaigakan Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery

The Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery, or Kaigakan, is a grandly designed old gallery in Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo, that offers a quaintly propagandist, but memorable, pictorial narrative of the mo

Japan Visitor - printingmuseum2.jpg

Printing Museum Tokyo

Printing Museum Tokyo is housed in the HQ of Toppan Printing in Bunkyo-ku and displays a range of printing machines and other artifacts.

Japan Visitor - kodairafurusato4.jpg

Kodaira Furusato Mura Open Air Museum

The Kodaira Furusato Mura Open Air Museum is a collection of preserved, historic buildings from the Edo, Meiji and Taisho periods in Kodaira, Tokyo.

The entrance to the Police Museum in Tokyo with left mascot Pipo-kun.

10 free museums in Tokyo

Discover art and culture, or learn more about Japanese society with this selection of 10 free-to-visit museums located in Tokyo.


The advertising museum

The Advertising Museum, nestled within the Caretta Shiodome Shopping Complex, traces the history of advertising and marketing from the Edo period (1603-1868) to the present day.

Japan Visitor - jalmuseum7.jpg

JAL Sky Museum

JAL Factory Tour Sky Museum (JAL Sky Museum) at Haneda Airport is the most popular travel spot in Tokyo ahead of Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree.

Les ninjas attaquent !

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

Located in Odaiba, on the 4th floor of the '' Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall '', the Tokyo Trick Art Museum is a somewhat special art museum.

Shinjuku Historical Museum

Shinjuku Historical Museum

In the heart of one of the liveliest districts of the Japanese capital, the small historical museum of Shinjuku reveals the tale of this iconic district!


ANA Airline Maintenance Center


At Tokyo's Haneda International Airport, the airline ANA opens the doors of its maintenance center to you. A unique visit closer to the biggest airliners!


Japan Visitor - sonyarchives2.jpg

Sony Archives

Sony Archives: the Sony Archives in Shinagawa, Tokyo s dedicated to the history of Sony Corporation's products since its formation in 1946.


Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

Japan is a country prone to earthquakes and at first glance, this is not very reassuring. However, remember that the vast majority of earthquakes go completely unnoticed!

Armures de samouraïs au musée du samouraïs de Shinjuku à Tokyo

The Samurai Museum

The figure of the samurai, a sort of knight in medieval Japan, is one of the icons of Japanese culture.

Oeuvre de Rodin

The National Museum of Western Art

A must-see museum for lovers of classic and modern art, showcasing several centuries of European art and even architecture thanks to the building's design by Le Corbusier, which made it the first U

Musée national de la nature et des sciences à Ueno

The National Museum of Nature and Science

The National Museum of Nature and Science is located in the Ueno district of Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - jcii_mus_l.jpg

JCII Camera Museum

The JCII Camera Museum in Tokyo is a comprehensive museum run by the Japan Camera Industry Institute that covers the history of camera-making in Japan by all Japanese camera manufacturers, and exhi

Japan Visitor - japan_sword_museum_l.jpg

The Japanese Sword Museum

The Japanese Sword Museum in Ryogoku, east Tokyo, showcases the katana swords of world renowned quality and beauty that were the power behind the samurai warrior class of old.

Japan Visitor - psmt-1.jpg

Polar Science Museum Tachikawa

The Polar Science Museum (南極北極科学館) in Tachikawa, Tokyo is dedicated to informing the public about the Japanese polar research and the activities of the National Institute for Polar Research.

The KaiKai Kiki Gallery

Takashi Murakami chose the Motoazabu district near Roppongi to set up his KaiKai Kiki gallery, an emblematic place of the Tokyo art scene.

Japan Visitor - ome-railway-park-4.jpg

Ome Railway Park

Ome Railway Park, in Ome, Tokyo, an open air railway museum featuring eight original steam locomotives, two electric train cars and the front car of a 1960's Shinkansen.

The 'Tokyo Hyaku' exhibition at Tokaido Hiroshige Museum

From November 28th 2017, the Tokaido Hiroshige Art Museum in Shizuoka City will present the "Tokyo Hyaku" exhibition, a modern photographic reinterpretation of the "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo"

Waseda Museum, Waseda University, Tokyo

Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Waseda

The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (Enpaku) on the Waseda University campus in Tokyo is dedicated to the history of drama and is named after Tsubouchi Shoyo (1859-1935), a writer, dramatist and

Japan Visitor - kyuasakura_7.jpg

Old Asakura House

The Old Asakura House (Kyu Asakura Kejutaku) is an imposing traditional Japanese house in Daikanyama, Tokyo, built in the early 20th century, with a serene garden.

Japan Visitor - edoshitatradcraftmus-2.jpg

Free Tokyo Museums

Tokyo free museums: see a listing of some of Tokyo's numerous free museums including the Advertising Museum, Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum and the Fire Museum.

Japan Visitor - mpm-102.jpg

Quirky Tokyo Museums

Tokyo's quirky museums: see a listing of the best of several weird and wonderful museums in Tokyo, including the strange Meguro Parasitological Museum and a Sewerage Museum.

Japan Visitor - science_museum-tus_5.jpg

TUS Museum of Science

The TUS Museum of Science is a free-entry museum specializing in recording and calculating technology, annexed to the Tokyo University of Science in the Kagurazaka district of Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - shimokitazawa_1.jpg

Shimokitazawa Area Guide Tokyo

Shimokitazawa is a small, very atmospheric fashion district in west Tokyo, crammed with vintage clothing stores, cafes, and music and stage performance spots.

Japan Visitor - nikon-museum-1.jpg

Nikon Museum

The Nikon Museum in Shinagawa Tokyo is dedicated to the history of Nikon cameras and other optical devices made by the Nikon company.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-fire-museum-8.jpg

Fire Museum Tokyo

The Fire Museum in Yotsuya Fire Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo details the work and equipment of the Tokyo fire department from the Edo period to the present day.

Japan Visitor - tokyo-openair-2017-3.jpg

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum is a collection of historic buildings, mainly from the Tokyo area, brought to a new location for preservation.

Japan Stationery Museum

Japan Stationery Museum Tokyo

The Japan Stationery Museum (Nihon Bungu Shiryokan) is a small repository of things to do with writing, in the Yanagibashi district of Taito ward, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - hokusai_museum_2.jpg

Sumida Hokusai Museum

The Hokusai Museum in Tokyo's Sumida ward presents the life and works of one of Japan's most famous artists, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), in an ultra-modern gallery.

Scai The Bath House

Scai the Bathhouse Gallery in Yanaka Tokyo

Scai the Bathhouse has been an art presence in Yanaka since 1993, but is unique in having been a part of the Yanaka landscape for many decades before that.

Samurai Museum

The Samurai Museum in Tokyo's Shinjuku district is a fun way to experience samurai culture with sword demonstrations and cosplay.

Japan Visitor - sewerage-museum-4.jpg

Sewerage Museum

The Sewerage Museum in Takanodai, Kodaira City, Tokyo has displays on Tokyo's sewerage system from Edo times to the present day.

Japan museum.

Shitamachi Museum Annex Yanaka Tokyo

Shitamachi Museum Annex - a free museum, the Shitamachi Museum Annex recreates the interior of a Meiji Period liquor store,

Japan Visitor - seiko-museum-1.jpg

Seiko Museum

The Seiko Museum in Tokyo traces the history of the Seiko watch and clock company showcasing many of Seiko's ground-breaking products.

Japan Visitor - tobu-museum-1.jpg

Tobu Museum of Transport & Culture

The Tobu Museum of Transport & Culture is adjacent to Higashi-Mukojima Station and has a number of original trains on display.

Meiji University Museum

Meiji University Museum in Ochanomizu, Tokyo has exhibits on crime and punishment, Japanese crafts and archaeology.

Mitsuo Aida Museum

The Mitsuo Aida Museum is tucked away inside the Tokyo International Forum, a multi-purpose exhibition center in Marunouchi,  dedicated to the works of this master of Japanese calligraphy.

Japan Visitor - kawasaki-guide-2016-2.jpg

Toshiba Science Museum

Toshiba Science Museum, near Kawasaki Station, is a free museum that both showcases Toshiba's latest technologies and looks back at the history of the company, its founders and its products.

Doraemon, well known Japanese blue kitten is the star of the museum Kawasaki (Tokyo).

Doraemon Museum

Arguably the most popular charcter in Japan, Doraemon, the mischievous blue robot cat is recognized by all.

Nippon Budokan

An arena revered both by martial arts enthusiasts as well as by rock enthusiasts, is that possible? Yes, and this area can be found in Tokyo!

Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum

The Edo Shitamachi Traditional Crafts Museum in Tokyo is a small museum in the Asakusa area with displays of traditional, Japanese crafts.

Japan Visitor - nfc-3.jpg

National Film Archive of Japan (National Film Center)

The National Film Archive of Japan (NFAJ), formerly the National Film Center in Kyobashi, Tokyo has a permanent collection on the history of Japanese film-making plus special exhibitions and movie

Japan's 5 Most Beautiful Aquariums

Japan, as an archipelago, means that the sea and oceanography has always occupied an important place in the minds of the Japanese.

Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight

It is a place that many have seen before. We recognize it by its original form and its events, but few really know what it is.

Japan Visitor - fireworks-museum-2.jpg

Ryogoku Fireworks Museum

The Ryogoku Fireworks Museum in Ryogoku, Tokyo is dedicated to the history of fireworks in Japan and its many spectacular fireworks festivals.

Japan Visitor - hoki-2.jpg

Hoki Museum

The Hoki Museum is a strikingly designed museum dedicated to modern Realist art, and featuring the works of Japanese painters.

Japan Visitor - aero-mus-narita-1.jpg

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences

The Museum of Aeronautical Sciences (Kohkuu Kagaku Hakubutsukan in Japanese) is a fun, hands-on experience right next to Narita Airport.

Japan Visitor - ghibli20191.jpg

Ghibli Museum Mitaka Tokyo

Ghibli Museum: the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo is dedicated to the works of Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli, Japan's most famous animation studio.

The present Miraikan Tsunagari, a huge globe suspended in the air on several levels.

Miraikan, the Museum of Science and Innovation

Japanese technology in all its forms: robots, space adventures and a planetarium. Welcome to the future.

Japan Visitor - bunkyo-furusato-2.jpg

Bunkyo Historical Museum

The Bunkyo Historical Museum in Bunkyo-ward is a fascinating small museum dedicated to the history and culture of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

The Shunkaen Bonsai Museum holds a large collection of jars, prints and tools to maintain their thousand bonsai.

Shunkaen Bonsai Museum

Since 2002, this small museum in Edogawa Shunkaen lets you discover the art of cutting these shrubs in respect for tradition and harmony.

Among the vehicles stored at the Police Museum in Tokyo, a motorcycle on which children can ask in uniform.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum

North of Ginza, a small museum honors the men in blue. There is everything to help you understand why Tokyo is one of the safest capitals in the world

Fruit of the architect Takahiko Yanagisawa of Contemporary Art Tokyo Museum was inaugurated in 1995.

MOT - Contemporary Art Museum

A problem of distance. If contemporary art suffers from a reputation of being difficult to access, the museum dedicated to it in the Japanese capital suffers from the same illness.

Meiji (1868-1912) to our contemporaries, the Tokyo Momat is a window into artistic expression.

Tokyo Momat

"Art is the explosion," Taro Okamoto (1911-1996), Japanese artist.

A Minami, the Toto Gallery Ma organizes four annual exhibitions spread over three levels.

Toto Gallery Ma

The Toto Company, Japan's largest producer of toilets, has been constantly innovating since 1917.

The huge hall of the Suntory Museum of Art, the Palace Building in Akasaka.

Suntory Museum of Art

From the outside the building appears transparent.

Pokemon, one of the stars of the Museum of Suginami Animation (Tokyo).

Suginami Animation Museum

20 minutes from Shinjuku, this animated film museum invites you to dive (for free) into a world where the drawings come to life.

A bamboo screen protects the Nezu Museum next agitation.

Nezu Museum

A few minutes from Omotesando, the street showcasing international brands which has become a shopping mecca, you can find the private Nezu Museum, focusing on a more intimate and sensitive relatio

With 14 000m ², the National Art Center Tokyo is the largest museum in Japan.

Tokyo National Art Centre

The National Art Center Tokyo plays on gigantism and hosting exhibitions.

Japan Visitor - intermediatheque-1.jpg


Intermediatheque (IMT) is one of Japan's most cutting-edge musueums, located in the Kitte Marunouchi building right beside Tokyo Station.

Gas Science Museum Tokyo

The Gas Science Museum in Toyosu, Tokyo is a child-friendly, hands-on, free museum popular with families at the weekends and organized elementary school groups during the week.

Japan Visitor - mpm-101.jpg

Meguro Parasitological Museum

Meguro Parasitological Museum is a free museum and research center in Meguro, Tokyo, dedicated to the study and exhibition of parasites both human and animal.

Several buildings in the architectural présentses Garden of Edo-Tokyo Musashino come.

Edo-Tokyo Architectural garden

Through the reconstruction of thirty houses, the Edo-Tokyo open air architectural museum, which is linked to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, invites you to travel in the Japan of yesteryear

Confectionery is one of the main attractions of the museum Shitamachi.

Shitamachi Museum

The Shitamachi museum has reproduce the atmosphere of a street in the Edo period (1603-1868), for total immersion in the daily life in the golden age of Japan.

The Tokyo National Museum consists of five buildings with Hean blend of Eastern and Western architecture.

Tokyo National Museum

Located at the north end of Ueno Park, the Tokyo National Museum houses the world's richest collection of Japanese art. 

During the Edo period (1603-1868), ukiyo-e, low world of misery and suffering was all about fun and associated with the ephemeral beauty of life.

Ota Museum, the art of printmaking

One of the finest collections of ukiyo-e , "images of the floating world", or the art of painting and Japanese prints, is preserved in a small museum, away from the fashionable streets of Harajuku

The exterior of the Edo Tokyo Museum in contrast with the history it contains.

Edo-Tokyo Museum

Amazing contrast between this contemporary building and its interior that stages yesteryear Tokyo: immerse yourself in the history of the capital.

The tourMori, located in the heart of Roppongi, home to the Mori Art Museum

Mori Art Museum

In the heart of Roppongi Hills, a symbol of boundless real estate grandeur, between stores and restaurants, the Mori Art Museum has led to a desire for culture, unprecedented in this area.

21_21 Design Sight the center is a miscellaneous museum in Minato.

21_21 Design Sight

In Roppongi, next to the Mori Art Museum, the Tokyo National Art Center and the Suntory Museum of Art, located in the garden of Tokyo Midtown, a complex created on the site of the former Defense a

Asakura Museum of Sculpture

Asakura Museum of Sculpture: the sprawling, three-storied former residence and studio of sculptor Fumio Asakura (1883-1964) in Tokyo’s attractive Yanaka district.

Daimyo Clock Museum

Daimyo Clock Museum: the Daimyo Clock Museum in the Yanaka district of Tokyo houses the lifetime collection of a Japanese ceramicist cum clock collector.

Japan Visitor - tmufjmm-1x.jpg

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Money Museum

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Money Museum: read a guide to the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Money Museum in Nagoya which exhibits the history of money in Japan and the world.

Japan Visitor - ryozen2018.jpg

Ryozen Museum of History

The Ryozen Museum of History in Kyoto highlights the events of the Bakumatsu period of Japanese history which saw the downfall of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1868.

Advertising Museum Tokyo ADMT

Advertising Museum Tokyo: read a guide to the Advertising Museum Tokyo (ADMT) showcasing Japanese and foreign advertisements in the Caretta Shiodome Building.

Japan Visitor - yebisu-museum-1.jpg

Museum of Yebisu Beer

Museum of Yebisu Beer: the modern and luxurious Museum of Yebisu Beer in Ebisu, Tokyo is dedicated to the history of Yebisu beer.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyoto Bijitsukan) is a large brick-faced museum located in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum

Read a guide to the Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum, a free, modern museum presenting the history of Tokyo's water supply.

Japan Visitor - mizuma20191.jpg

Mizuma Art Gallery

Mizuma Art Gallery: read a guide to the Mizuma Art Gallery in Ichigaya, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - shinjuku-hist-mus_1.jpg

Shinjuku Historical Museum

Shinjuku Historical Museum: read a guide to the Shinjuku Historical Museum, memorably covering the history of one of Tokyo's most important wards.

Japan Visitor - baseball-museum-2.jpg

Baseball Museum

Read a guide to the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Tokyo Dome, Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - ichigokan20191.jpg

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum

Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum: read a guide to the new Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum Tokyo in Marunouchi near Tokyo Station.

Japan Visitor - jfm-1.jpg

Japan Football Museum

Read a guide to the Japan Football Museum in Bunkyo ward Tokyo celebrating the 2002 World Cup.

Japan Visitor - matsuokamuseum20195.jpg

Matsuoka Museum of Art

Matsuoka Museum of Art: read a guide to the Matsuoka Museum of Art in the Shirokanedai area of Tokyo.

Japan Visitor - zoshigaya-3.jpg

Zoshigaya Missionary Museum

Zoshigaya Missionary Museum: read a guide to the Zoshigaya Missionary Museum in Tokyo founded by the American missionary JM McCaleb.

Tokyo Water Science Museum

Read a guide to the fascinating Tokyo Metropolitan Water Science Museum, a fun, high-tech, interactive, resource for kids in Tokyo's Koto ward.

Japan Visitor - momat.jpg

National Museum Of Modern Art Tokyo

National Museum Of Modern Art Tokyo: read a guide to the National Museum Of Modern Art Tokyo (MOMAT) along with its Craft Gallery and National Film Center..

Japan Visitor - teien-museum-20191.jpg

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is in Tokyo's Shirokanedai district and is housed in an elegant art deco building incorporating many Japanese elements.

Japan Visitor - craftsmuseum20191.jpg

Crafts Gallery

Crafts Gallery Tokyo: read a guide to the Crafts Gallery Tokyo which exhibits Japanese and foreign crafts from the Meiji period to the present day.

Japan Visitor - nat_mus_west_art_ueno-1.jpg

National Museum of Western Art

National Museum of Western Art Tokyo: read a guide to National Museum of Western Art Tokyo in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Visitor - nmms20191.jpg

National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo

National Museum of Nature and Science: read a guide to the National Museum of Nature and Science in Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Tobacco and Salt Museum Tokyo

Tobacco and Salt Museum Tokyo: read a guide to the Tobacco and Salt Museum in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Visitor - yushukan20181.jpg

Yushukan War Memorial Museum

Yushukan War Memorial Museum: read a guide to Tokyo's Yushukan War Memorial Museum in the grounds of Yasukuni Shrine.

Subway Museum Tokyo

Subway Museum Tokyo: read a guide to the Subway Museum Tokyo in Kasai eastern Tokyo with exhibits of historic Tokyo subway trains and carriages.

Science Museum Tokyo

Science Museum Tokyo: read a guide to the Science Museum in Kitanomarukoen, Tokyo, Japan.

Japan Visitor - mitsui20191.jpg

Mitsui Memorial Museum

Mitsui Memorial Museum: read a guide to the Mitsui Memorial Museum in Tokyo which houses the collections of the Mitsui family.

Japan Visitor - edo-castle-2017-1.jpg

Edo Castle

Edo Castle: read a guide to Edo Castle in Tokyo. Edo Castle is now the Imperial Palace, home to the Japanese Emperor.

Japan Visitor - admt-3.jpg

Tokyo Museums

Tokyo Museums & Galleries: view a listing of Tokyo's Tokyo Museums & Art Galleries, how to get there and what there is to see.

Japan Visitor - nat-study-inst-200.JPG

Institute of Nature Study

Read a guide to the Institute of Nature Study, part of the National Museum of Nature and Science, in the Shirokanedai district of Tokyo.

Idemitsu Museum of Arts

Idemitsu Museum of Arts houses part of the Idemitsu Collection, consisting mainly of calligraphy, ceramics and Japanese art.