Tempura Tenkamehachi   天ぷら 天亀八

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Discreet and classic, the facade of the restaurant Tempura Tenkamehachi fits perfectly into the landscape of Sumida.

Discreet and classically Japanese, the facade of Tempura Tenkamehachi fits perfectly into the Sumida landscape.

Affordable and tasty

Outside, a small opening only lets you catch a of glimpse of one or two privileged guests. A silhouette slips by, the figure's cautious steps coupled with respectful greetings. Upstairs, there is silence, except for the slight rasp of sliding doors and feet that seem to float over the tatami mats.

The private rooms are comfortable and offer a soothing intimacy. Kneeling around low tables, the customers are ready to enjoy delicious tempura, tasty seafood and vegetable fritters in a very light batter, accompanied by a bowl of white rice, very good value for money. When leaving, the Edo-Tokyo Museum is just a few steps away from this well kept establishment.

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