Hakodate 函館市

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Cold but warm

Hakodate is one of Japan's most famous cityscapes. It is also a place known for its unique atmosphere. The winters are freezing, but the summer offers one of the most pleasant climates in the country...

The city's landscape is strongly marked by this era. The city has developed its old red brick warehouses, which are now a favorite meeting place for young people because of their many restaurants. There is also an old district of western houses and wooden churches. The place smells of the Meiji era. Many of Hakodate's famous places are housed in old western-style buildings built during the time when foreigners settled and practiced commerce in the city.

The place is also famous for its super-fresh sushi, especially salmon sushi, and for its local version of ramen: shio-ramen.

Hakodate is also famous for its scenic views from Mount Hakodate, which overlooks the city, connected by cable cars. The flowery landscape of the park surrounding Goryokaku Fortress - Japan's only western citadel - is beautiful in spring.

Hakodate, Hokkaido


© Hakodate International Tourism and Convention Association/© JNTO

Goryokaku, un fort pentagonal de style occidental

Goryokaku, un fort pentagonal de style occidental

© Y.Shimizu/© JNTO

How to get around Hakodate?

The Hakodate tram service consists of two lines numbered 2 and 5. The two lines run from the onsen (hot springs) town of Yunokawa and Jujigai to Motomachi, and then split with tram No. 2 running to Yachigashira in the east of Hakodate-yama and No. 5 to the Dokku-mae stop in Hakodate. One-day and two-day passes can be purchased for the trams and buses.

Mount Hakodate - There are buses from Hakodate station to the peak of Mount Hakodate (30 minutes) or you can take the cable car, which is a short walk from the Jujigai tram stop. The hiking trail is open from May through the end of October.

Port d'Hakodate

Port d'Hakodate

© Hakodate International Tourism and Convention Association/© JNTO

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